Lessons take place at the same time each week on a day and time mutually convenient for myself and student. This time slot is chosen upon registration and is subject to availability. Start dates for these terms are flexible.

All lessons are to run consecutively except for Christmas Break, Easter Break, and Statutory Holidays. Lessons continue through the summer months, unless the student withdraws or has a lesson hold.

If there is a holiday that a student celebrates in their family that is not observed at Shine Music Studio, a make up lesson will be offered to that student.

Lessons are offered at 30 and 45 minute slots.


Students are charged a flat rate fee per month that is not adjusted depending on how many weeks there are in the month. 

If I have to cancel a lesson that has previously been scheduled, a make-up lesson will be offered without any time constraint.

Please contact me privately for exact tuition fees.

Please note:
I have the right to discontinue lessons at any time due to reasons such as unpaid tuition or tardiness.

Discontinuing Lessons

If a student wishes to discontinue lessons for any reason, a months notice is required.

Make ups and Cancellations

Make up lessons will be offered for sickness and weather related closures with notice given, time permitting, and based on availability.

Lessons missed due to teacher absence will be made up without any time constraint. Or, if I have to cancel lessons for an extended period of time that is not considered a stat holiday, you will not be charged for those lessons missed.

Lessons missed due to student absence will be made up as long as four hours notice is given. Without notice, I have to consider the lesson a no-show and the lesson is forfeited.

A student is offered two make up lessons per month. If the student schedules a make up lesson and then can’t attend, the lesson is forfeited. In other words, I can’t offer a make up for a make up.

Please check the “Calendar” tab for a list of studio closures.

Casual Lesson Hold

If a student wishes to withdraw from lessons for an extended period of time (like July and August) I cannot hold on to their current slot without a “lesson hold.” This is because I do have a waitlist so if a space becomes available, I have a line up of students who are eager to begin.

A lesson hold is a deposit put down by the student which holds their lesson time but also offers them casual lessons. Casual lessons are three lessons a month offered at whichever times I have available during the week. It is the students’ responsibility to schedule these lessons each month. As consistency is detrimental to learning and loving your craft, casual lessons are a way for the student to continue their lessons during a lengthy absence.


There are typically two scheduled recitals per year which land in December and June. Ticket prices vary depending on the event space and rentals. Participation is not mandatory. 

Photo/Video Release Form

Upon registering, you will be asked to sign a photo/video release form. This media has potential to be shared through our website and Facebook page. If you are not comfortable with this, just let me know.